Young Escort who loves Rimjobs

Meet Tyra, a Young Escort I have been with recently, who loves Ass-Licking Guys and Rimjobs.

Young Escort Tyra
A Rimming Escort

Matt felt bored. This was a long Federal Holiday weekend and in fact Matt felt more than just bored, he felt lonely. The city was deserted, most shops were closed and it feltd as if Matt’s life had been paused. Somehow Matt needed something exciting to happen. Something that would give meaning to his life again.

So Matt looked through his phone for Tyra’s number. Tyra was the girl who had always been here for Matt. Yes, Tyra was a young escort (you can say, a call girl). But the two just bonded ever since they met. Tyra was from a distant country in Eastern Europe, and relatively new at escorting, but there was something sweet and sexy about her. Something that attracted Matt to see her again and again. Yes, there was exchange of money, but there was also some kind of connection between Matt and the young escort, and Matt could tell this was not all faked.

Tyra finally picked up. She apologizes and said she has been sleeping late because of an overnight job (it was already 4pm so Matt wondered what kind of job that could be). But the young escort agreed to come in an hour, and as usual Matt would give her the money for a cab home.

Matt took a shower. A strange feeling came to him. He was going to do something terrible, something that would betray Tyra’s trust, but somehow, he didn’t care anymore. His mind was focused on getting the house ready and his own body ready for the young escort.

Tyra arrived twenty minutes late. Matt was very excited and during this time he wondered what may have happened if Tyra had not found a taxi, or broke a leg. Or had lost her phone. All sorts of scenarios went through his mind, and at that point the bell rung and the young escort was here, inside his apartment, looking sexier than he had remembered.

“You lost weight” he said, trying to be charming. “I know what you want, so cut the crap, I had a really long night…” Tyra was not in a good mood. Somehow it made Matt feel better. “OK, OK, here is your money. Don’t get so upset. You know where the shower is, I’ll be in bed”. Matt disappeared to his bedroom and let the young escort get herself ready.

When she came to the bedroom Tyra had her hair back, wearing blue lingerie and looking very sexy. “I’m sorry Matt, I didn’t mean to speak to you like this, I had a difficult customer last night.” Tyra said. “It’s OK, don’t worry” answered Matt. “Mhhh, come over here big boy, Tyra said, I’m going to start with your usual…” “No, Tyra, not today, answered Matt. Today I’m in charge.” And he started kissing Tyra all over her body with great passion. “Easy tiger, said Tyra, I had a rough night, I told you baby.” But Matt carried on. His body felt strong, and he felt an urge from deep down below, something in his body which required him to push forward. Matt grabbed the young escort’s hair while undoing his pans. His plan was now being implemented.

“Eeeyouch, Tyra exclaimed, take it easy on the hair”. Matt forced her face down. “If it’s a blowjob you want, I was about to do that Matt” exclaimed Tyra. “Shut up Tyra, and lick my ass”. And now for the first time in their odd escort-client relationship Matt slapped the back of her head. Matt was strong and when he wanted something, no-one could resist him. The slap didn’t hurt Tyra but the young escort instinctively knew it was too late now, she couldn’t escape Matt’s tight grip and she just had to comply with whatever he wanted. At that moment, she thought of the money she got already.

So Tyra went down on Matt, sticking her tongue deeper and deeper into his ass, mechanically, without passion but with enough energy so that Matt wouldn’t slap her again. “Ahhh, that’s better, Matt exclaimed, now rim my ass real deep”. Tyra was an escort and she knew when not to cross the line with a man like Matt. Her tongue worked around Matt’s anus, and for just a short while the young escort felt a little pleasure at doing this. “You see, you can be fucking good at this, said Matt, little bitch, in fact I’ll call you my ‘Rimming Escort’ from now on… it’s a good name, you should copyright it.” And he grabbed her ass and slapped it a few times. “Ouch, you’re hurting me” Tyra said, her head down inside Matt’s butt cheeks and her face covered in ass juice.

Now Matt stood up on top of Tyra and sat on her lovely young escort face while she rimmed him. “You should enjoy this, if you’re going to offer that rimming position as one of your escort service, boasted Matt, it’s called Face-Sitting. You may as well charge your punters extra for it”. Now Tyra was suffocating under Matt’s bum, while still energetically rimming his anus. He was forcing his ass down onto the young escort who could barely breathe and was moving her arms up and down to attract Matt’s attention. “I know you don’t like this but let me stay a little longer, the rimming is great, but now I need to feel that your tongue is really deep inside me to get rock hard” he said.

The young escort went deeper inside and Matt started making strange squeaky noises. Matt’s cock was getting really hard now and the young escort was milking him vigorously. Matt had made plans to stay longer on Tyra’s face, but he suddenly felt an urge to discharge the tension. He grabbed the young escort by the hair and pulled her face towards him. The young escort was covered in ass juice, and half smiling as she was suddenly breathing again.

With a deep moan, Matt, who was now firmly holding Tyra’s head, shoved his cock deep inside the young escort’s throat, keeping his cock deep down inside for several seconds, as if at a medical examination. Tyra was suffocating and making burp sounds between small cries, overdoing it slightly so Matt would finally come. At the third assault Matt finally grabbed his cock and gave it a few tugs before covering the young escort’s face in spunk. Like a pot of cream that would have tipped over, the spunk came down the young escort’s face, largely overflowing her mouth with white foam of spunk mixed with her own saliva that she was spitting out. As she cleaned her mouth with the bed sheets, the taste of rimming ass juice came back to her and the young escort felt sick. She threw the money from the side table to Matt’s face, calling him some horrible names from her native country and storming out of the room to the shower.

Matt felt relieved. As he sat on the side of the bed with his nicely rimmed wet asshole and his deflating cock still covered in liquid spunk, he felt good for a few fractions of a second. But a feeling of guilt quickly overcome him “What have I done? He said to himself, the only girl who cared a little about me, I forced to rim my ass like a beast…” But it was too late. Without a look or speaking a word, Tyra stormed out of the shower and grabbed her money and her bag. She slammed the front door and disappeared into the hallway. Her cab was waiting for her.

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